The Landing
  • 9894 Bissonnet St #605, Houston TX 77036
  • 713-766-1111
  • Monday-Friday: 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
The Landing does NOT accept any clothing donations except what is specified in the needs below. If you have any questions about donations, please call us at 713-766-1111 or email

Survivor Needs:

  • $5 Metro Bus Cards***
  • $5-$10 Food Gift Cards (McDonalds, Whataburger, Subway, etc.)***
  • Small & Medium-sized Sweatpants/Sweatshirts***
  • Individual Hand Sanitizer
  • Packages of Body Wipes
  • Art supplies (such as: glitter, colored construction paper, stickers, coloring books, paint, etc.)
  • Bath & Body Sets
  • Fruit Cups (Individually Packaged Plastic Cups)
  • Individually Packaged Snacks
  • Microwavable macaroni cups
  • Individual frozen meals  (Smart Ones & Hungry Man brand)
  • Socks
  • Cotton Underwear
  • Small planners for clients
  • Monthly Donors (Financial Support)

***Current Major Needs

Class Materials for Ending The Game:

  • 1 Subject Spiral Notebooks
  • Mini Planners/Calendars

Office Supplies:

  • Printer Ink (TN-221 BK) (TN-221 C) (TN-221 M) (TN-221-Y)***
  • Computer Paper


Donate Financially to The Landing