The Landing
  • 9894 Bissonnet St #605, Houston TX 77036
  • 713-766-1111
  • Tue, Wed & Thu: 10:00 AM-4:00 PM

The Landing is a resting place–a place of comfort and sustenance. It is a welcoming drop-in center where those who are human trafficked or victims of the commercial sex trade can be cared for, nurtured, and encouraged holistically in a respecting environment.

The Landing exists as a drop-in center at the intersections of life. We empower those who come to us to take care of themselves by making them aware of the resources available to them and meeting basic needs and services. We understand that those we seek to support may decide to remain where they are. We affirm that this is their right. Our intention is to meet people where they are—wherever it may be—and support them throughout their journey.

What makes The Landing different is that we recognize that the potential of a person is self-directed. We endeavor to kindle a hope in those we get to know through this process and see these connections as two-sided, mutually enriching relationships. Guided by the principle of inclusivity and understanding, we hold ourselves accountable to this principle. Our sincere concern is in the well-being of all.

The reality of sex and human trafficked individuals going without basic necessities and care is what motivates us to continue working for the men and women living in our communities without adequate support to live healthily. We are fortunate to have a committed group of volunteers and staff who believe in what we do and the people we cross paths with everyday. While inclusivity and understanding start at our doors, the faithful support of donors, volunteers, and staff help keep them open.


Our mission is to serve survivors of human trafficking and those involved in the commercial sex industry with a trauma-informed approach fueled by the love of Christ.


The Landing’s guiding principle is to give those in the commercial sex industry and survivors of human trafficking a stabilizing base of support and dignity with the goal of engaging their hope and desire for a future of freedom.
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We live out the most powerful force in all the universe—love—God’s complete unyielding, unconditional, unselfish love.


We commit to an adherence of moral and ethical principles in every interaction with donor, clients, volunteers, staff and strategic partners.


We affirm that everyone and everything exists because of Him; therefore, we aim to create a fair, just and healthy culture of inclusion, diversity and empowerment.


We commit to walking out truthful, transparent, dignified relationships with those who have been entrusted into our sphere.